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5 Traits of a Good Bartender

//5 Traits of a Good Bartender

5 Traits of a Good Bartender

We’ve all been there; at the end of the bar, frantically waving our arms, trying to get the bartender’s attention. Not only does it spoil our night out, but it doesn’t leave us very excited to leave him or her a good tip, or to leave the restaurant a good review.

A good bartender can elevate a guest’s dining experience or can leave them frustrated, annoyed, and sober. Assaggio’s bartenders are the best in Boston, with bright, stellar personalities and years of mixology experience. Here are five traits that each of our bartenders have in abundance:

1) Knowledgeable about drinks

A professional must know their craft. We employ expert mixologists who are well-versed in the common and not-so-common cocktails, and are always happy to offer great recommendations that pair well with your meal. A great drink can complement a great meal, and a good bartender will know how to create an unforgettable experience.

2) Maintains cleanliness

Cleaning a bar may not be the most glamorous part of their job, but it’s a crucial aspect – not just for the sake of Assaggio’s customers who don’t want to enjoy their drink in a dirty environment, but because keeping a tidy bar also helps them perform more efficiently. Our bartenders are constantly cleaning so ensure that your North End dining experience is top-notch.

3) Good customer service skills

Assaggio’s bartenders are taught to facilitate a friendly and lively environment in which all customers can feel welcome! Our world-famous small talk will have you feeling right at ease, whether you’re a Boston-native or a tourist from Wyoming. Exceptional customer service is the standard.

4) Great time management and memory

Being able to remember uncommon names and long, complicated orders under pressure, while multitasking and still connecting with the guests in an authentic manner is a very underrated skill. Luckily, our bartenders have great time memories and even better time management.

5) Situational awareness

Our bartenders are constantly monitoring our guests. They know when someone needs a drink, they know who needs what drink, and they’re very attentive to the needs of their patrons. Staying relaxed and with a calm demeanor allows our bartenders to keep an open focus and ready to handle any issues that may arise.


Assaggio’s bartenders elevates our guest’s dining experience with their bright personalities and years of mixology and customer service experience. If you are ever in Boston’s historic North End, stop by Assaggio and experience our legendary bar.

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